Why Athletes Should Consider Chiropractic Adjustments

January 16, 2014

As an athlete, your body goes through very rigorous motion, which absorbs a lot of impact. In order to maintain peak performance, it’s necessary for your body to be able to move freely and without pain. Chiropractic care for athletes is an excellent choice to help prevent injury and to keep your body performing at its best.

Baseball, basketball and football players, as well as tennis players, gymnasts, hockey players and as many as 90 percent of all world-class athletes choose chiropractic care to maintain top performance, as well as to speed up the healing process after an injury. Vigorous activity from sports can cause the vertebrae of your spinal column to become misaligned. Called “vertebral subluxations,” this misalignment can cause nerve impingement, restrict your range of motion and make your body more susceptible to injury. Regular chiropractic care corrects subluxations and allows your body to function at its best.

Four of the main benefits of chiropractic care for athletes include:

  1. Injury Prevention- If the body is in correct alignment, there’s less chance of suffering an injury.
  2. Reduced Risk of Illness- With your nervous and immune systems operating at their peaks, you’re less likely to have sick days that will keep you away from your training.
  3. Peak Performance- You’ll enjoy greater precision with your movements and unrestricted range of motion due to a properly aligned spine.
  4. Greater Endurance- When your body is working efficiently, your breathing becomes unrestricted. This means maximum oxygen delivery to your joints, muscles and vital organs to maximize your endurance.

As experts in the overall function of your body, doctors of chiropractic can provide a whole host of benefits for an athlete beyond recovery from injury. Olympians are dependent on chiropractic care to see their bodies through their extensive training and fierce competition. It stands to reason that chiropractic care can provide a multitude of benefits for all athletes, regardless of the competition level.

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