Relieve Back-Related Leg Pain with Chiropractic Care

October 29, 2014

Many people who suffer from back pain also suffer from pain that radiates down their legs, also known as sciatica. This is often caused by nerve interference due to subluxations in the spine. Far too often, treatment for this condition by medical doctors includes pain medication, injections or surgery, all of which are invasive techniques, which can lead to other problems. Conversely, doctors of chiropractic often develop care plans that are non-invasive and can significantly improve the patient’s condition.


In the past, a group of well-respected chiropractic researchers conducted a study that included 192 patients who suffered from back-related leg pain. While non-invasive measures are recommended before resorting to invasive and potentially harmful methods of relieving pain, there wasn’t enough research to determine if this course of action was better for patient outcomes.

The researchers divided their patients into two groups that participated in home exercises and self-management practices designed to ease their pain, but only one group received chiropractic adjustments. The patients were asked to report on their conditions at the beginning of the study, at 12 weeks, and then at one year.

At 12 weeks, 37 percent of those who had received chiropractic care reported that their pain symptoms had improved by 75 percent or better, compared to only 19 percent in the second group. The participants who received chiropractic care also consistently reported higher scores for overall improvement and satisfaction.

At the one year mark, there was not a significant difference between the two groups in pain relief. However, the group receiving chiropractic care reported higher scores for general well-being and overall improvement remained higher by 50 percent.

This study has proven that spinal adjustments can contribute to less pain, while also increasing overall improvement in a patient’s condition. The bottom line in chiropractic care is this — if you’re suffering from leg pain due to nerve interference in your lower back, you’re better off living without this nerve interference, usually caused by subluxations. Chiropractic Lifecare of America can help you save up to 50 percent on quality chiropractic care. Please visit our website, or call a member of our team at 800.775.7900 for more information.

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