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October 1, 2015

FCLC radioYou rarely hear drug commercials on the radio.  Television’s  a different story…every other commercial is for a drug to fix your stomach problems, sleep disturbances or allergy issues – all ending with a laundry list of side effects, disguised by distracting images of happy people playing over the monologue.  You can’t pull that off with radio.

This year, the FDA has urged pharmaceutical companies to stop using distracting images and music in their TV drug ads following complaints that manufacturers deliberately used misleading techniques to downplay their products’ risks while emphasizing potential benefits.  The FDA suggested they use highlights to emphasize documented side effects and slow the pace at which the risks were being read to viewers could better understand the drug’s potential dangers.  We have a better solution.

Next time a drug commercial comes on TV, just close your eyes and LISTEN…like you would a radio spot.  The side effects will be more apparent (and disturbing) when you’re not distracted by the ‘pretty visuals’ that mask them.  Big Pharma doesn’t want you to pay attention to the risks associated with their drugs.  But if you close your eyes and listen closely you’ll realize just how ridiculous, dangerous and deadly their products can be.  It’s a practice that could save your life.

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