Fighting ADHD with Chiropractic Care

March 22, 2014

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) cases are on the rise, and it can be very difficult for parents and affected children to deal with this disorder. Drug therapies are often prescribed, and although they may help some of the symptoms, drugs can also alter personalities with undesirable side effects. The good news is that studies are being done on the efficacy of chiropractic care in fighting ADHD, and positive results are being shown.


Although it was based on a very small group of male youths, a recent study was conducted over a 24-week period. Broken down into 8-week segments, the boys saw a doctor of chiropractic three times a week in the first segment, twice per week in the second and only once per week in the third. At each visit, the youths received very basic spinal adjustments to relieve subluxations in their spines.

In order to measure the effectiveness of the chiropractic care plan, parents and teachers, as well as the boys filled out detailed questionnaires during the study. Although the study was just a preliminary effort, all of the boys in the group showed overall improvement in their symptoms of ADHD. More detailed research is required, but this is great news for those that suffer from ADHD.

At this point, chiropractic care for children should be considered as an addition to current medical treatment, or perhaps as an initial effort if the diagnosis is new. Since many children are labeled with this affliction by schools that have a vested interest in muting ADHD symptoms, chiropractic care may be an appropriate solution rather than resorting to drugs. If your child is currently on a drug treatment plan and achieving success, speak to your doctor of chiropractic or your medical doctor before discontinuing this plan.

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