Ease Numbness and Tingling with Chiropractic Care

October 13, 2014

Our bodies are complex networks that can be compared to an electrical system. Nerves that exit from the base of your neck and lower back create “wiring harnesses” your brain uses to send messages to your body’s extremities. The nerves that bundle at the base of the neck control your arms and hands, whereas the ones at your lower back control your legs and feet. If your spine isn’t properly aligned, your brain will have a harder time sending signals properly.

chiropractic network

When nerves become impinged, or when a subluxation or herniated disc “traps” nerves, you can suffer from numbness, tingling and even pain in your legs, feet, arms, hands and face. Many people don’t realize these symptoms are occurring because of spinal problems. In order to relieve these symptoms, the spine must be adjusted so the nerve will no longer be impinged and can begin to heal. If the impingement goes on for too long, it can cause permanent damage. It’s important to note that not all cases of impinged nerves will cause pain, just as not all cases will have numbness or tingling.

Your chiropractor is an expert that can help reduce nerve impingement. After performing a detailed analysis of your spine and symptoms, he or she will create a chiropractic care plan designed to provide relief. Additionally, gentle spinal adjustments will be performed to straighten your spine and relieve the pressure on affected nerves. In some cases, a massage may also be used to help stimulate circulation. People often feel some measure of relief right after their first adjustment is performed.

Chiropractic Lifecare of America firmly believes that everyone should have access to affordable chiropractic care. Call us at 800.775.7900 or contact us to learn how we can save you up to 50 percent on quality chiropractic care. The bottom line in chiropractic is this — if you’re suffering from nerve impingement, you’re better off alive without subluxations that cause nerve impingement.

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