Coordinated Performance – Chiropractic Adjustments Improve Movement Time

April 21, 2014

While it’s well known that chiropractic care can help restore range of motion, a controlled study that was published in March of 2006 in The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics provided significant results showing that it can also improve movement time. This can be an excellent advantage for athletes and can also improve movement time in the average person.

In order to perform this study, researchers had 10 people undergo spinal adjustments to reduce subluxations, while a control group did not. Using a series of tests that were monitored by a computer, it was found that every patient that received spinal adjustments improved their movement times significantly in each of the tests. In the control group, only one patient achieved any improvement.


The data showed that the chiropractic group had an average improvement of 9.2 percent, while the control group showed improvements of only 1.7 percent. This is quite significant for people who rely on their bodies for speed and performance. It is also indicative of improvement in overall motor function through spinal adjustments.

Your brain’s “information highway” is the nerve system, which is protected by the spinal column (the vertebrae that surround your spinal cord). If any of these vertebrae misalign, they can cause nerve interference (subluxation) and this can interrupt the flow of information from your brain to your body. Specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments that work to correct subluxations clear the pathway for these important messages to flow through your body quickly and with less interference. Not only does this help improve movement speed, it improves circulation and overall health. It’s a win-win situation for athletes and non-athletes alike!

The bottom line in chiropractic care – if you’re alive and have nerve interference, you’re better off alive without the nerve interference. Chiropractic Lifecare of America is one of the nation’s largest networks of qualified doctors of chiropractic. We believe everyone should have affordable access to life-changing care. Call us at 800.775.7900, or contact us to learn how we can help you save up to 50 percent on chiropractic care for your whole family.

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