Common Misconceptions About Back Pain and Injuries

January 24, 2014

With four out of five adults suffering back pain in their lives, and as the most common cause of lost work days in adults over 45, education and a holistic approach to healing back pain provide the highest success in relieving most symptoms. A holistic approach treats the pain and provides therapy to strengthen bodily support systems naturally rather than with drugs or complex surgeries. In most cases, this form of treatment leads to great success without harmful side effects.

Learning about the myths and misconceptions surrounding back pain can alleviate fear, and help you take the next step to address your pain. Here are four of the most common misconceptions:

  1. Intense back pain requires rest and little movement until it’s better. Unless there’s a traumatic injury or medical cause, it’s best to maintain as much activity as possible during an episode of back pain. Medical experts have learned that inactivity can weaken and stiffen joints, which makes the recovery process longer and more painful.
  2. The spine is easily injured because it’s delicate. The spine, muscles, tendons and ligaments that make up your back are actually an incredibly strong structure when in proper alignment and well conditioned. Developing core strength provides additional support for this structure, as do leg and buttock muscles. Being in good physical strength will ensure your spine is actually in good condition.
  3. Back pain means limited work conditions and leisure activities. Contrary to what many people believe, regular exercise is the best method to prevent back injury and improve pain conditions. Chronic back pain is more closely linked to psychological factors than it is to engaging in physical activities.
  4. Chronic back pain doesn’t have to be a condition you have to live with. Doctors of chiropractic are specialists in locating and removing nerve interference (called subluxations) in the spine which can be a leading cause of back pain. Chiropractic care uses a holistic approach to help realign your spine and strengthen support systems which can often provide great relief for back pain sufferers.

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