CLA Update: Your Body is More Than a Machine

August 15, 2014

Although comparing the human body to an incredible machine is a common analogy, the truth is your body is so much more complex. One major difference between a machine and your body is its ability to heal itself. Indeed, there’s no machine in existence that can accomplish this feat. The other major difference is what doctors of chiropractic refer to as “innate intelligence.”

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Innate intelligence is what allows your body to function and heal. Innate intelligence performs trillions of actions we’re not even aware of. For example, it’s responsible for creating more than 10 million new cells each second, healing wounds, food digestion and regulating your body temperature, just to name a few.

Since we don’t always take proper care of our bodies, we often interfere with our bodies’ innate intelligence and its ability to keep us in good health. Chemical and mental stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and general neglect all contribute to creating nerve interference between your brain and body. Nerve interference keeps our innate intelligence from communicating with tissue cells that control our health and well-being.

Your chiropractor is the vital link to helping your body maintain its innate intelligence. Chiropractic care involves locating interference in your spine and making spinal adjustments to remove it. In doing so, your chiropractor is restoring that essential communication, which allows your innate intelligence to function fully so your body can heal itself.

Our bodies are much more complex than finely tuned machines. Our innate intelligence allows us to heal ourselves, but it does require an open line of communication between your brain and body. Here’s the bottom line in chiropractic care — if you’re alive and suffer from nerve interference, your body’s best chance to heal itself is to remove subluxations.

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