CLA Update: Nerve Interference

January 30, 2014

Nerve interference, or pressure on the spinal nerves or cord due to subluxation (a condition caused when a vertebra interferes with the function of a nerve), can interfere with most if not all bodily functions. Symptoms can range from nothing to numbness or tingling right up to paralysis if the pressure is massive enough.


A prime example of nerve interference due to massive pressure is the injury Christopher Reeve sustained when he fell from a horse and broke the two uppermost vertebrae in his neck. Although he did not sustain direct injury to his limbs, the pressure on his spinal cord caused paralysis in his legs, arms, hands and fingers. As a result, the signals in his brain were not able to communicate with his limbs due to nerve interference. The easiest way to imagine this is to picture an electrical circuit that has a broken wire. The electrical signal cannot reach the trigger that completes the circuit, rendering it powerless from the break onwards.

Although the paralysis was evident, what you may not be aware of are two other main bodily functions Mr. Reeve lost due to his injuries. First, he lost the ability to breathe on his own because of the loss of transmission on vital nerve signals from the brain to the lungs.

Second, his body also lost the ability to stave off infections. Our immune systems are controlled through our central nervous system, and he had to remain on antibiotics for the remainder of his life. Mr. Reeve’s case was extreme, but it serves to teach us how vital our brain/spinal cord/body communication is to daily living and optimal health. Smaller, repetitive impacts from daily activities can also cause nerve interference and, if left unattended, can lead to more serious symptoms. Over time, these nerve interferences can considerably diminish your overall health and cause serious pain, problems or even debilitation.

Doctors of chiropractic recommend regular chiropractic care for all family members to sustain optimal health and to reduce the chance of nerve interference. Contact Chiropractic Lifecare of America at 800.775.7900 or via emailĀ to learn how you can access affordable care for your entire family with discounts up to 50% off normal fees.

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