CLA Update: Chiropractic Patients Are Less Likely to Undergo Lumbar Surgery

October 31, 2014

If you suffer from symptoms, such as numbness, tingling and weakness or extreme pain when moving, many physicians will recommend surgery. In fact, as many as 43 percent of patients who see a surgeon when suffering these symptoms are told that surgery is their best option, according to a study published in Spine. In contrast, if patients visit a chiropractor, only 1.5 percent of them end up having the surgery performed.


Other studies have shown that non-invasive practices produce better patient outcomes and are far more cost-effective for those who have to pay all or a portion of their medical costs. Since chiropractic care is a more conservative practice than surgery, there’s little to no risk of worsening your condition if you’re suffering from lower back pain.

Complications that arise from surgery can cause permanent issues that affect your mobility, as well as more pain and nerve symptoms post-operation. Scar tissue and bone spurs are two results that can cause these outcomes. Since spinal fusion involves extensive bone work, this operation can also result in inflammation and a longer recovery.

Your doctor of chiropractic can perform a detailed analysis to determine the cause of your pain, as well as other symptoms. From the information obtained, your chiropractor will develop a care plan designed to remove subluxations in your spine to reduce or remove your issues. Targeted adjustments can realign problem areas of your spine and open up the vital communication pathway from your brain to your body. This gives your body its best chance at healing itself.

Chiropractic Lifecare of America believes everyone should have access to quality chiropractic care. Call 800.775.7900, or contact us to learn how to save up to 50 percent on chiropractic care. The bottom line in avoiding surgery is this — if you’re suffering from subluxations, you’re best off seeking a chiropractor first to relieve the nerve interference they can cause.

Source: Source: morgueFile

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