CLA Update: Chiropractic Adjustments Produce Immediate Results Visible on MRI

March 3, 2014

In studies showing the effects of chiropractic care, patients have reported improvement in pain symptoms and movement. However, there was no real measured data to help people not in the field of chiropractic understand why the adjustments were so effective. Recently, that has changed.


New studies conducted on patients with lower back pain revealed that limited movement due to disc degeneration and fibrous adhesions that form between and in the joints of the spine are usually the causes of pain. Using spinal adjustments, doctors of chiropractic can free up joints and create gapping, which helps break down the adhesions and increase mobility.

In order to measure the results, researchers performed MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) exams before spinal adjustments in the patients and immediately after. All patients had the exams done twice; the first at the beginning of the chiropractic care plan, and again two weeks later. The adjustments were proven to cause significant gapping in the spine, which were immediately visible in the MRI scans.

Previous research has proved that chiropractic care can reduce the body’s response to inflammation, improve overall health and be very successful at reducing pain and disability in patients. This new study is the first to prove a measurable effect on the results of spinal adjustments in patients with lower back pain. With this new information, it’s possible to actually see how and why chiropractic adjustments can improve mobility and reduce pain symptoms.

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