CLA Testimonial: The Story of a Happy Baby

September 21, 2014

Baby Courtney’s parents were at their wits end. She wasn’t able to sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time and would scream in pain if her parents laid her down on the bed. Things were so bad her pediatrician had to perform an ultrasound on the tiny girl to ensure there wasn’t a blockage or other underlying cause for her pain and discomfort. However, these results were inconclusive because there was too much gas in Courtney’s belly to properly view her digestive tract.

chiropractic care for infants

Since their baby was constantly in pain and had trouble gaining weight, Courtney’s parents were at a loss as to how to help. They tried new formulas, herbs and gas drops, hoping that something would agree with little Courtney. However, nothing seemed to help their daughter. Admittedly, as a last resort, Courtney’s mother brought her to a chiropractor.

Initially fearing that the chiropractor would perform aggressive adjustments on her baby, Courtney’s mother was very surprised that these sessions only involved holding her baby and “rubbing” her back. Courtney loved it immediately and so did her parents. From her first appointment, Courtney went from taking 20-minute catnaps to sleeping three to four hours at a stretch! After just two weeks of adjustments, she was sleeping for eight full hours.

Although the birthing process is a natural occurrence, it can cause subluxations in an infant’s body and result in nerve interference. This can lead to any number of health issues, including painful gas buildup and lack of sleep. Releasing the nerves through specific chiropractic adjustments corrected the subluxations and allowed Courtney’s body to function properly and heal itself.

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