Chiropractic Tips & Tricks to Prevent Back Pain

April 28, 2014

With more than 30 million Americans suffering from back pain at any given time, it’s safe to say that not all instances are due to outright injury or trauma to the spine or its connective tissues and ligaments. Other causes may include regular wear and tear, subluxations due to misaligned vertebrae and over-exertions from unfamiliar activities. The good news is that there are many ways to prevent back pain, and today, we’re sharing five of them.

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Strengthening your core will provide much-needed support for your back. The more strength you have in other large supporting muscles, the less stress is placed on your spine. This will result in less back pain due to over-exertion, especially for the “weekend warrior” who performs a mostly sedentary job during the week, and then participates in sports or home improvement projects on the weekends.

Chiropractic Maintenance

Although most people tend to seek doctors of chiropractic after they’ve already experienced back pain or an injury, a maintenance care plan can help prevent future occurrences. Chiropractic care utilizes spinal adjustments to ensure your back is aligned properly and moving freely, as well as to help prevent degenerative changes that occur with misalignments and cause premature wear and tear of your vertebrae.

Healthy Sleep Habits

A proper mattress and pillow that provides support and a healthy sleep position are very important in preventing back pain. Proper rest also contributes to overall back health. When waking up, stretch your body fully before leaping out of bed.

Protect your Back

It’s important to protect your back while performing physical activities, such as entering and exiting your vehicle, lifting, bending and pushing or pulling objects. You can minimize pain by bending your knees, instead of your waist, and holding objects closer to your body as you lift.


If you work at a desk job, talk to your doctor of chiropractic about how to minimize back strain at your work station. For example, you can perform stretches throughout the day to reduce pain.

There are many ways to prevent back pain. But regular chiropractic care removes nerve interference at the spinal level, allowing your body to function at its full potential, thus reducing your chances for injury. Call 800.775.7900, or contact Chiropractic Lifecare of America to save up to 50 percent on quality chiropractic care.

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