Chiropractic – The Facts About Neck Pain

April 12, 2014

Many people suffer from neck pain, which can eventually lead to limited movement, headaches, shoulder pain and numbing or tingling in the arms, hands and fingers. Initially, people tend to ignore the pain. However, even if the pain goes away, the underlying cause isn’t addressed and the pain can reoccur repeatedly. A visit to your chiropractor is a safe and natural way to determine the cause of your discomfort.  Once the cause has been determined, your chiropractor will begin the correction process with a series of adjustments.

neck pain

Some patients are afraid that chiropractic care for neck pain can lead to larger issues. This usually occurs due to limited knowledge of spinal adjustments. However, after numerous studies, the American Chiropractic Association has been able to determine that the incidence of injury due to chiropractic spinal adjustments is actually less than one case in 5.85 million adjustments performed. Understanding some of the techniques used by doctors of chiropractic may make you more at ease and help you seek relief for your neck pain.


Your chiropractor will begin by doing an analysis of the vertebrae in your spine and will likely follow-up with x-rays to determine the cause of your problem. Even though the pain might be in your neck area, it can actually be caused by a subluxation (misalignment of vertebrae) at any level of your spine.

Instrument-Assisted Adjustments

Depending on the cause of your symptoms, your doctor of chiropractic may use special instruments designed to help realign your vertebrae. The bottom line is this…there are many safe ways to remove nerve interference in the neck area.  A talk with your chiropractor can relieve any anxiety you may have.

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