Chiropractic FAQ – Part 3

September 27, 2014

You’ll be happy to know that the doctors in our chiropractic network are not only qualified, but that they also share our belief that affordable chiropractic care should be available to anyone who seeks it. Below are the last four answers to a series of questions we’re most often asked.

chiropractic care network

11. How do I know the chiropractors in your network are qualified?
We pride ourselves in having the best chiropractors available to our clients. Each chiropractor in our network has been carefully vetted, and their licenses, credentials and liability insurance have been verified. We also update our information regularly and listen to feedback about your experience with our chiropractors.

12. What if I have my own chiropractor that I’m comfortable with, but they’re not part of your network?
Let your chiropractor know about us, and then call our office with their contact information. We’ll be happy to contact them for you to see if they’re interested in becoming a part of our network. This way, you can begin saving on your care.

13. What if I’m not happy with a chiropractor or I end up moving?
You’re never limited to one provider. If you’re not happy with a chiropractor, or if you happen to move and find a new one, simply choose a new provider from our network list. Always present your membership card to make sure you get your savings.

14. Once I join, how long is my membership good for?
Memberships are valid for one full year from the date you join. Shortly before the end of your membership, we will send you an invoice for renewal.

Chiropractic Lifecare of America firmly believes that if you’re alive and suffer from nerve interference, you’re better off alive without nerve interference. Call 800.775.7900 or contact us today for more information about our network of chiropractic doctors.

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