Chiropractic FAQ – Part 1

August 12, 2014

Chiropractic Lifecare of America is dedicated to providing everyone access to quality chiropractic doctors, regardless of whether insurance is there to cover it or not. We realize you may have some questions about the service we provide, so we’ve assembled some of the most common ones here, as well as their answers.

chiropractic network

  1. How much can I save?
    You can save save 50 percent on initial analysis, testing and possible consulting fees. Any x-rays performed at the chiropractor’s office will also be discounted by 50 percent. Since the most you’ll ever pay for your adjustments is $40, you can save an overall total of 65 percent on chiropractic care.
  2. Is there a guarantee?
    We pledge to refund your full membership fee if you use a network card during your membership year and don’t save at least the cost of your membership.
  3. What is the initial analysis?
    Your doctor will speak about possible issues, take a health history and determine which tests will help determine the best course of action. The initial analysis is different for everyone because it’s based entirely on you. Your whole family is entitled to the discount on this first visit.
  4. How do I find a qualified chiropractor in my area?
    If there isn’t currently a provider in your area, call our membership line at 800.775.7900, and we’ll contact a chiropractor near you. If there’s someone specific you have in mind, we’ll be happy to contact them for you.
  5. How can you provide these discounts?
    Doctors that join our plan have greater interest in helping people that are not in their insurance. Chiropractic Lifecare of America has an incredibly large membership base, and we can negotiate with doctors on your behalf.

The bottom line in chiropractic is this — if you’re alive and suffer from subluxations, you’re better off alive without nerve interference. Call 800.775.7900, or contact us today to learn more about our network of chiropractic doctors.

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