Chiropractic Care Can Bring Better Birth Outcomes

February 4, 2014

Despite pregnancy and childbirth being natural processes, a woman’s body undergoes a multitude of changes during this time that can cause lower back and hip pain, as well as a more difficult birthing process due to postural changes. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can bring about better birth outcomes and general well-being for mothers-to-be.


As the size of the uterus increases to accommodate a growing baby, the body’s center of gravity changes and the belly will push forward, forcing the lower back to curve more. A woman’s upper spine and shoulders may also suffer discomfort as they shift to support the new position. This can cause misalignment issues in the spine and pelvis, known by doctors of chiropractic as subluxations. For women who had subluxations prior to pregnancy, the pain and dysfunction that results can make pregnancy and childbirth much more difficult than necessary.

Another result of the rapid changes in posture and uterine size is a negative effect on the ligaments that provide support and proper positioning of the uterus. If the uterus is not optimally supported and held in an ideal position, the baby’s position may not be ideal for childbirth. This can possibly lead to the baby being breech, transverse (sideways) or facing up, all of which lead to difficulties during delivery. In most cases, breech and transverse babies must be delivered by cesarean section, which is major abdominal surgery.

Regular chiropractic care before, during and after pregnancy can help you have a more comfortable experience, while maintaining a healthy central nervous system. All of this promotes optimal health for both the mother and her growing baby. Chiropractic adjustments to the pelvis and spinal vertebrae are designed to be safe and beneficial to expectant mothers, as well as returning her to optimal health after delivery. Moms that have chiropractic care during pregnancy have a better chance of an easier delivery.

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Photo Source: American Chiropractic Association 

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