Chiropractic Care and Colic

May 1, 2014

Whether you’re a new or practiced parent, the seemingly non-stop crying and obvious discomfort your infant suffers from colic is nerve-wracking and frustrating because there seems to be little you can do to soothe your baby. Medical doctors may try some prescriptions to relieve symptoms, but there are a number of “old wives’ tales” bandied about when discussing it with other parents. A holistic and safe approach can be found in chiropractic care.


As far back as 1999, the “Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics” has published many papers on the success of chiropractic care for infants suffering from colic. In fact, one study of 316 infants over a three month period showed 94 percent of children cried significantly less after receiving chiropractic adjustments and most of them showed improvement after only three adjustments in a two week period.

You may wonder how a newborn infant could benefit from chiropractic adjustments since they are not yet mobile and prone to spinal injury or subluxation (misaligned vertebrae) like older children and adults are. The fact is, in-utero the position of the baby can cause stress on the spine and the birthing process itself can be very traumatic, especially for babies that are improperly positioned.

Since subluxations can cause nerve interference to many of the body’s vital functions, the safe and natural approach taken by chiropractors to correct a misaligned vertebra can contribute greatly to restoring the proper function in your baby’s nervous system. When proper nerve flow is restored, the digestive system and related organs are able to function properly, and the symptoms of colic just seem to disappear.

The bottom line in chiropractic care is this — no matter your age, if you have subluxations you will enjoy better health without them. Call 800.775.7900, or contact a representative at Chiropractic Lifecare of America. We can help you and your family save up to 50 percent on quality chiropractic care.

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