Back Pain Among Young Adults Attributed to “iPosture”

January 18, 2014

A new epidemic termed “iPosture” is causing spinal problems and resulting back pain to surge among the 18 to 24 year old generation. According to a recent survey of 3,000 young adults in the UK, as many as 84 percent of those surveyed reported back pain. As a result, this group is losing 1.5 more workdays than their elder counterparts.


iPosture has been coined because of the slumped shoulders and slouched middle and compressed lower spine caused by the use of portable Internet devices such as smartphones and tablets. The New York Daily News reports that the young adult age group spends an average of 8.83 hours daily on such devices, often sitting on furniture that is not conducive to good posture.

The UK Daily Mail partly blames a lack of good posture training from parents and educators for iPosture. Older generations were reminded often by parents and teachers not to slouch and to keep their backs straight, while today’s younger generation reports they have had little posture correction reminders. Time Magazine warns that bad posture can lead to muscle fatigue as the body is unable to support itself properly if one spends most of their day hunched over or slouching.

Becoming aware of your posture when you’re spending time on computers or portable devices, and straightening out your body will help improve pain symptoms. Chiropractic care is highly recommended to help guide the spine back into its normal position, so the supporting muscles are properly engaged and neural pathways are not compressed. With a chiropractic doctor’s help, not only can your posture be corrected, but you will also notice improvement in overall health, such as decreased or no pain symptoms, less fatigue and the ability to think more clearly.

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