A Matter of Millimeters

July 18, 2017

In plastic surgery, millimeters count. A subtle shift in the nasal bones towards mid line, a slight tightening of the tissues around the eyes, just a bit more lift in the chin… all can dramatically change the appearance of a person for the better.

In Chiropractic, millimeters also count. A subtle shift of the atlas vertebrae back towards mid line, tightening of the subocciptal musculature into normal tone, just a bit of increase in the normal cervical lordosis… all can dramatically change the function of your Nerve System and overall HEALTH for the better as well.

When it comes to your health, millimeters of improved alignment can mean the difference between a clear Central Nerve System full of vitality or a subluxated one, wrought with sickness and dis-ease. Is your spinal alignment as good as it could be to enjoy the former? If not, see a millimeter specialist – a Chiropractor – to get it there.

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